The 4 main reasons why people choose to get cataract surgery done abroad

A cataract surgery is a common and effective procedure for treating cataracts. While you can get treated for cataracts in the U.K., increasingly more Brits are choosing to have this surgery done abroad. Why exactly do they take the plunge and travel to an often unfamiliar country, instead of having it done in their own country? Turns out, there’s plenty of good reasons to do so.

  1. Skip the long waiting lists for a cataract surgery

First and foremost, waiting times at the NHS are extremely long nowadays. Last year, the average waiting time to receive cataract surgery through the NHS was nine months, with some patients having to wait even longer than that. In an attempt to skip the line, more and more people are going private. The downside to this? Having to pay between £2000 and £3000 per eye to get your vision fixed.

That’s where going abroad comes in handy. If you look into cataract surgeries in European countries, you’ll instantly understand why people choose to travel: the cost for a cataract surgery in Hungary, for example, will cost you around £645 per eye.

How is that much of a difference even possible? Easy: usually, the living costs and wages are vastly lower in other countries than they are in most western countries. The result is lower prices for the same procedure, with little to no waiting times.

  1. Expertise in cataract surgery

Another reason why people tend to travel abroad is because experienced surgeons may not be readily available in their own country. Some countries simply lack good surgeons, or it may take months to get cataract surgery due to long waiting lists. Travelling abroad allows people to find qualified and experienced surgeons who not only can carry out these procedures promptly, but it also allows for patients to find a surgeon that they feel comfortable with.

  1. Technology is another important factor

When it comes to your eyes and your vision, you don’t want to take any chances. Adding on to the last paragraph, many people tend to go abroad because of differences in technology and care. Some countries focus more on modernising their healthcare than others do, simply because they have more resources to do so. If you’re looking for the best possible cataract surgery, you may want to look further than just clinics in your home country. Chances are there’s more modern clinics out there than the one you’re considering at first glance. With the latest technology at hand, they can offer more precise and advanced surgery, which may lead to better outcomes.

  1. Take some time off after your cataract surgery

And finally: after your cataract surgery, you’re ready to take a holiday! It’s not surprising that many people combine their trip to get cataract surgery with a holiday. It usually takes only a few days for side effects to go away, giving you plenty of time and opportunity to discover a new country while you’re there anyway.

Do your research on cataract surgery, and then pack your bags!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to have cataract surgery done abroad. It can save you money, it can grant you access to surgeons and technology you otherwise wouldn’t be able to take advantage of, and you can combine it with a holiday. As with any surgery, it’s of utmost importance to understand and consider the potential risks and benefits before making any decisions. Go on your way well informed so you are sure to receive adequate aftercare and support, even when you get back home.

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